Successful Retirement

As the nation has grown older baby boomers go through a very important window of time. Five to ten years before leaving the work force planning is critical to ensure a successful retirement. Whether we retire in the true sense or start another career, major money decisions must be made to prepare for the day when the paycheck finally stops. When that day arrives the fears of not having an income to maintain your standard of living become a reality.

Planning for that day when retirement really is retirement may mean creating a new way of working, enjoying a new lifestyle, or even living in entirely new surroundings. This transition is not an easy one to accomplish because there are many roadblocks or hurdles in the way. Inflation risks, investment risks, longevity risks and health risks all make the journey difficult without a strategy to protect the investment assets used to make retirement a success.

The mission of Tyme Retirement Services is to help develop that strategy so critical for a successful transition into retirement and then assist and guide you with a plan that will meet your retirement goals.