Business Consulting

Woman Financial AdvisorBusiness consulting is an important part of retirement planning.  Tyme can help you with business continuation, stability, growth, exchange or an exit strategy.

We help businesses:

  • Improve productivity
  • Gain a fresh prospective
  • Develop workable solutions to concerns/issues
  • Build better teams/leverage talents
  • Hire successfully

Improve Productivity – Start with a clearly defined marketing plan supporting the mission and vision of the company.

Fresh Prospective – Incorporates using a business advisor who is unbiased with a focus on non judgmental examination of current activities against stated objectives of the company.

Workable Solutions – Look at process, effectiveness and efficiency to determine alignment with current and new business opportunities and identify strength based approaches.

Teams – Discover the natural talents of members and developing synergy around corporate and personal development goals.

Hiring – Explore the instinctive strengths of the candidate interview for relevant experience, education, and training.  Also consider how their addition will impact the overall cooperation and harmony of the current team members.